• Platter Menu


      Each platter will be enough for approximately 15 guests.

      Allowing 1 of each item per person. Gluten free options available on request.




      Platter 1 - $75 (approx 30 pieces)

      Mini meat pies and sausage rolls, both made in house with tomato sauce and a smokey BBQ sauce.

      Platter 2 - $75 (approx. 45 pieces)

      Smoked salmon in lettuce cups, skewered prawns wrapped in prosciutto, roasted tomato & macadamia Bruschetta.

      Platter 3 - $75 (approx. 45 pieces)

      Chicken skewers with lime aioli, chicken filo parcel with char su, Moroccan lamb meat balls.

      Platter 4 - $75 (approx. 45 pieces)

      Duck spring rolls, crab meat wonton, smoked salmon & cream cheese vol au vents.

      Platter 5 – $70

      15 Natural Pacific oysters & 15 macadamia scallops.

      Platter 6 - $75 (approx. 45 pieces)

      Prawn cocktail cups, Goats cheese fritters, prawn & sesame bites.

      Platter 7 - $75 (approx. 45 pieces)

      Selections from our current dessert menu, this platter also has petite chocolate macadamia tarts and citrus curd tart.

      Platter 8 - $55 (approx. 32 pieces)

      Assorted mini sandwiches, two filling per sandwich, example of fillings includes curried egg and lettuce, dill and cucumber, ham and cheese, caeser chicken and cos, bacon and tomato, avocado and chicken, pepperoni and relish.